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A celebration of playable arts & culture


Toronto Games Week (June 13-19, 2024) is a collective coordination of events organized independently by dozens of organizations, curators, companies, creators, and communities

Toronto Games Week is coordinated by Marie LeBlanc Flanagan (previously at A MAZE. / Berlin) and Jim Munroe (Game Arts International Network executive director and co-founder of the Hand Eye Society).

TGW emerged with great delight from a number of local people, communities, and organizations. It came to life with the support of our original group of advisors: a supergroup of game community organizations, including representatives from Toronto Game Jam, Interactive Ontario, Buffer Festival, Vector Festival, DMG, Dirty Rectangles, Hand Eye Society, Continue Agency, and Funland Magazine. Additional input was given by representatives of the Ontario Arts Council, OCAD, TIFF, and the City of Toronto Creative Technology Office.

Thanks to: Mary Lau (copy editing), Elif Boyacioglu (icon creation), Juan Sebastian Callejas Rodriguez (print schedule design), Matt Hammill (TGW logo), Nneka Nnagbo (website assistance), Samira Soltani (social media).

Code of Conduct and COVID-19 Policy

We want people to come to TGW and participate and thrive no matter their experience, gender identity and expression, disability, sexual orientation, personal appearance, race, ethnicity, body size, age, nationality, or religion. Our Code of Conduct is here.

Toronto Games Week strongly recommends that attendees bring and wear masks. We will have some masks at the door of all events. Each TGW event will have its own rules around COVID-19, and that information will be clearly communicated in advance on this website so people can make informed choices.

We welcome donations of masks, tests, or loans of air filters to make events safer for everyone.

Organize an event!

If you’d like to run a TGW event yourself, there’s still time to get in on the fun! We’re open to including board/escape room/theatrical/LARPing -- playful culture of all sorts, not just screen based games!

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Help out

Would you like to volunteer and help the coalition of community organizations and not-for-profits that make it happen? There’s lots of interesting things to do!


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Interested in getting involved? Have questions? Please reach out with any questions to Marie LeBlanc Flanagan.